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  • hammerstad
  • I am looking for someone to hangout with and see what develops.
  • 51 years old | Shelbyville, KY, USA

  • kxxga
  • 59 years old | Aaron, GA, USA

  • countryboy86
  • 32 years old | Aberdeen Park, TN, USA

  • dutch8926
  • Like the culture I just like the country culture as I'm earthy, unsophisticated, genuine, sincere, honest. I don't like 'formal' dinners and expensive restaurants. Restaurant culture: Bob Evans and Tee Jays is the most formal that I like. I like bib overalls, and jeans. I dress comfortable - or not at all as I'm naturist. Naturism on a hot humid day is the attire that makes sense! Neither do I car...
  • 56 years old | Columbus, OH, USA

  • monaca
  • True Southern Native American Woman As the old saying goes... I love being able to walk out the door and pee off my porch without offending anyone. lol I have a farm and enjoy raising my own meat for the table. Going to try a garden next year if I can keep all the wildlife... and my own animals out of it. lol
  • 52 years old | Rural Area, FL, USA

  • charli2conway
  • Raised as a Country Girl What I love the most is the stars at night. When you look up in that black sky & see those bright stars that you can't see in the city because of lights.
  • 61 years old | Conway, AR, USA

  • wally050
  • 67 years old | Trenton, NJ, USA

  • cheyennebrave2
  • Native American Man I am seeking long term relationship, maybe marrige. I live n a country setting, garden, pets ect. Hope for affectionate mellow earth mother. To share lifes ups and downs. I live near Jacksonville Fla. I have a nicly thick Daddy bull build. Please be monogomus and serious with no anger issues. Any age 18+ and any race. I seek a companion for life.
  • 59 years old | Gainesville, FL, USA

  • happy2bnude
  • happy2bnude City too crowded and confining
  • 62 years old | Mobile, AL, USA

  • jeremiah51
  • 68 years old | Milwaukee, WI, USA

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