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Ambersky's Blog Lets go on a journey,
Posted by Ambersky on 2009-07-30 16:09:40.

Let's go on a journey, just you and me, I think we should go, there is so much to see. Close your eyes and come along, hear the gentle beat?, okay,so follow it now, but not with your feet. Look with your spirit, and feel with your heart, this I definitely believe, is the best place to start. Let the senses awaken, take it all in, because to ignore all the signs, is and always was a sin. In everything that you see and hear, there is something for you to learn, as long as it is for... 4 comments



Tiara3's Blog Welcome to My Blog
Posted by Tiara3 on 2009-06-23 14:43:21.

I am Lu from Branson MO. I grew up on the farm and farm animals, but have an undying love for the horses, of any breed. I currently have 1 Black Arabian stallion and a 2 year old filly. These two are the last of my breeding program that I am no longer pursuing, except for maybe stallion services. I like other things like dancing, country two stepping and line dancing, social drinks now and then, shooting pool and throwing darts, camping with and without horses, canoeing, outdoor activities, and more. One comment

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